ResearchLab 2020
Public Programme

Bridging Social and Ecological Sustainability in social housing

how to move forward?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
19 – 21h

WEST, ehem. Sophienspital, 1070, Stollgasse 17

Evening panel to discuss first findings of the IBA ResearchLab and their applicability in Vienna. The panel discussion is part of the interim presentation of the International Building Exhibition IBA_Vienna 2022

Helga Fassbinder
Chairperson of Biotope City, editor of the Biotope City Journal
Thomas Madreiter
Planing director of the City of Vienna
Susanne Formanek
GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Innovation Lab Green Technology in the City
Simon Güntner
Professor of Spatial Sociology at the TU Wien
Christoph Reinprecht
Professor of Sociology at the University of Vienna

Amila Širbegović
Architect and Urban Researcher at IBA_Vienna