ResearchLab 2020
Institutional actors & bodies

The ResearchLab New Social Housing is coordinated by a Curatorial Team responsible for proposing the thematic focus, designing the programme and selecting the participants.
A Faculty consisting of internationally renowned scholars in diverse fields and disciplines is nominated.
The members of the faculty commit themselves to commenting on the submitted thesis projects as well as to active participation in the organisation – by holding a talk, by participating in a round table, by organizing a workshop and/or by carrying out Fieldwork. The faculty members hold expertise in all relevant fields of housing research (urban development and regeneration, community organising, architecture and housing construction, land policy and land management, spatial planning, sociology, real estate and project development, etc.).
An international Advisory Board supports the design and organization of the Summer School.


Simon Güntner (TU Wien)
is professor of Spatial Sociology at the TU Wien. His main areas of research include poverty, migration and urban development. He has been involved in various European research projects and city networks focusing on issues such as urban regeneration, participation, housing policies and social services.

Christoph Reinprecht (University of Vienna)
is professor of Sociology at the University of Vienna and associated researcher at the Center of Housing Research in Paris. His main research interests are in in the area of migration and urban sociology, housing, social inequality. He is co-coordinator of the the ENHR-working group ‘Social Housing and Globalisation’.

Rudolf Scheuvens (TU Wien)
is professor of Local Spatial Planning and Urban Development Planning at the TU Wien and dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning. In 2014 he founded the future.lab, a platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects in teaching and research. His work and research focuses on the areas of control and design of complex urban development processes.


Laura Colini (Urbanist, Tesseræ, Berlin)
Celine d’Cruz (Visiting Researcher at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, ICCCAD, Bangladesh)
Roberta Cucca (Professor of Urban Sustainability Planning, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Oslo)
AbdouMaliq Simone (Urbanist, University of Sheffield)
Yuri Kazepov (Professor of Sociology, Universität Wien)
Sascha Rössler (Swiss National Science Foundation Professor for Architecture and Theory at the Academy of Architecture, Mendrisio, Schweiz)
Fran Tonkiss (Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Sophie Watson (Professor of Sociology, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)


Helga Fassbinder (Urban Planner, ‘Biotope City’ Concept Development)
Susanne Formanek (GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Innovation Lab Green Technology in the City)
Thomas Madreiter (Planning Director, City of Vienna)
Erik Meinharter (Landscape Planner, Co-Director of PlanSinn)

IBA Advisory Board

Wolfgang Förster (IBA_Vienna)
Kurt Hofstetter (IBA_Vienna)
Margrit Hugentobler (ETH Zürich)
Kunibert Wachten (RWTH-Aachen)