ResearchLab 2020


local and bottom up perspectives

Due to the COVID-19 protection measures, this years‘ events
(except the field trip) will be accessible online for registered participants.
For further Details don’t hesitate to contact us!

Monday, Sept 7

2 – 3 pm


Simon Güntner
TU Wien
Christoph Reinprecht
University of Vienna

Documentary Film on local and bottom-up Initiatives in Vienna

Frank Hagen

3 – 5 pm

Bottom-Up Strategies to Climate Adaptation and Mitigation –
Empowerment, Citizenship and Autonomy
(online seminar)

This panel will concentrate on bottom-up planning processes and self-organisation in climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. The way inhabitants are involved, resources are shared and conflicts are resolved.

Usina – Work Center for a Habitable Environment
Lenka Kužvartová
Recent trends in Vienna’s social housing approach:
fostering environmentally ‘just’ modes of living?
Michael Friesenecker

Comments and Statements
AbdouMaliq Simone
Urbanist, Senior Professorial Fellow at the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield
Laura Colini
Urbanist, Cofounder of Urban Social Research Platform Tesseræ
Yuri Kazepov
University of Vienna
Celine d’Cruz
Visiting Researcher at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Bangladesh

Tuesday, Sept 8

10 am – 11.30 am

Blue and Green Infrastructure in Social Housing –
Access, Distribution and Impact
(online seminar)

This panel will focus on the use of blue (and green) infrastructure to achieve cooling and mitigating effects. A guiding question will concern the role of local communities in access and management of resources and systems.

Struggle for adaptation: Prague sites and minor blue green infrastructure
Václav Orcígr, Michaela Babišová
City of Bogor – Water Sensitive City
Raul Marino

Comments and Statements
Sophie Watson
Professor of Sociology at the Open University, UK
Roberta Cucca
Associate Professor of Urban Sustainability Planning
at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Oslo

11.30 am – 1 pm

Mitigating Design (online seminar)

In this panel, we look at mitigating designs (exterior and interior) in housing and public space. How can sites (buildings and places) be designed in a way that promotes climate-friendly modes of living.

More (Rome) Collective Living:
Designing New Quality Space For Emerging Urban Communities
Vasiliki Fragkaki
Contest provisioning of care and housing in the market society
Hans Volmary

Comments and Statements
Sascha Rösler Swiss National Science Foundation Professor for Architecture and Theory at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland
Fran Tonkiss
Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics

2 – 5 pm

Site Visit

Participative Approaches to climate adaptation in social housing
(various locations, on site) A range of projects in Vienna will be visited.
Details (Meeting Point etc) will be communicated soon!

Tour guide
Erik Meinharter

7 – 9 pm

Bridging Social and Ecological Sustainability in Social Housing –
how to Move Forward?
WEST, ehem. Sophienspital, 1070, Stollgasse 17

Evening panel to discuss first findings of the IBA ResearchLab and their applicability in Vienna. The panel discussion is part of the interim presentation of the International Building Exhibition IBA_Vienna 2022

Helga Fassbinder
Chairperson of Biotope City, editor of the Biotope City Journal
Thomas Madreiter
Planning director of the City of Vienna
Susanne Formanek
GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Innovation Lab Green Technology in the City
Simon Güntner
Professor of Spatial Sociology at the TU Wien
Christoph Reinprecht
Professor of Sociology at the University of Vienna

Amila Širbegović
Architect and Urban Researcher at IBA_Vienna

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